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NPC AI - Desty - 06-08-2019

I'd like to make the general NPC AI for humans in citys with attributes on the NPCs.
So we'll give every NPC specific stats like Sanity, Aggressive, Age, Playing, ... and they will do things based on these attributes.
Some NPCs have specified roles (like shop owners, guards, library man, ...) but the other ones will just walk around and talk with others and do their things - all based on the attributes (start a fight maybe if they are aggressive etc.).

That's the basci idea of the NPC AI System - it's not really specific yet, I know that Wink

RE: NPC AI - Sinno - 06-09-2019

That's a good idea. I think that it can be made really interesting.

For example add fatigue and hunger as well or some other type of motivation that can interrupt regular behavior. For example, TownpersonMale#13 is a peasant worker. If his fatigue is at 0 he will <go home> and despawn at a door. When his fatigue is 10, he will go to work <gardens near the castle> If his hunger reaches 0 he will go to a nearby restaurant or food vendor and eat until hunger is 10 then return to work until fatigue is at 0. If he has a high aggression (say 10 out of 10) while he walks, he might walk faster, hit people with his shoulder and maybe kick the beggar on the corner of the street. so if the radius is .5 from beggars, there is a 100% of assaulting the beggar.

Each towns person could be randomly assigned a type of person they like and one they don't like. That way even a towns person with an aggression of 10, might stop and have a conversation before continuing to work.

See Developer discussion on Discord for MAP

RE: NPC AI - vukota - 07-25-2020