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Good ideas, bad timing - Sinno - 06-08-2019

Babies. Everyone wants to hear how wonderful they are, but we all know, some babies are just flat-out ugly. When the baby is ugly, we need to hear about it.

Also, while Rouge War is the current game project, there should be a roadmap that lead to future game projects as well. Thinking 3 projects ahead is a smart idea (GDC, says so.)

So any ideas thrown out there, let's copy and paste them into a thread (this one?) so that future projects can be generated from those ideas. Or even outline dream game concepts and ideas. This is not to detract from the current project, but to ensure tunnel vision does not occur. Generally, game studios don't find success until game project 3, 4, or 5 (GDC same link).

To start the list

1. Radius of influence
2. Minions for player
3. Player built towns that determine the number of NPCs and NPC merchants
4. Fully destructible content.
5. Factions based on Good, Neutral, and Evil
6. Motivated AI for the PvE

Good ideas bad timing - JamesSweme - 07-12-2020

Hi guys. Im new to the forum. Not sure if anyone is seing this. I have a 2700L fish tank with about 120 diffrent size and age tilapia in it. Is this a good idea or a bad one