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Ground Concept - Psycho320 - 06-06-2019

This Post will contain the Ground concept. If you want to discuss a part of it or have something you want to add please open a thread about it and I will edit this post.
This way we have this thread as a status of the game concept.

The ground idea is that there is a fight on the world good vs evil. The oldest concept ever. But the players can't play on the good side. They can choose between different evil alliances/clans/races. However we call it in the end.

That changes the game so we don't have orcs or goblins or sth like this as the average mob, but traders, wanderers and so on. Instead of dungeons the player will get the opportunity to attack villages or even towns.

The pvp element will contain the different evil sides fighting for territory or objectives like artifacts or things like that.

RE: Ground Concept - Sinno - 06-07-2019

The difference alliances, clans, or races.....What about alignment? Chaotic evil, neutral evil and lawful evil (D&D based?) This would not limit race or class to any chosen side. It would also provide a 3 on 3 type of environment for PvP (if there is to be PvP).

Concerning towns (the good) There is an opportunity to make them be in flux. If a town is attacked (Hopefully voxel built so 100% destruction is possible), then it would be possible to totally eliminate a community (NPC). The community wouldn't die, but it might force humans to live underground or primitively until they establish a new home.

Player territories and NPC territories could have a radius of influence. NPC's should be coded to constantly want to expand the radius of influence. Therefore, the radius of influence should eventually overlap with the player's radius of influence. THe more influence from good, the less powerful the player may be. Radius of influence could affect player strength and it would give players something to fight over as well.

IF there is a flux in activity where NPC's want to expand their radius of influence, it would give them an AI appearance of being motivated to kill evil. As the radius of influence overlaps the player's radius of influence, quests could be generated for the player to take. This could lead to a systematic way of eventually killing the king and control the "good" territory.