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Minions not the movie - Sinno - 06-07-2019

Since this is a game that focuses on being evil and fighting good, the main motivation is usually power and greed.
Minions are something that can be introduced to the game. imagining the game will have a level system.
Levels 1-9 no minion 
levels 10-14 1 minion (can be a goblin, orc, spider, etc.)
levels 15-19 2 minions

and so on and so forth with a possible reasonable max of 5.

An example of this would be guild wars 1. In single player mode, you could hire help.

Use of minions? Assist in PvE  (player vs environment) combat, assist in tasks. An example would be they need to light houses on fire to create a distraction so you the player can go for the main target (killing the king?)  Or they can be first in to die. 

Could be used in PvP (player vs player).

There could be a loyalty factor. Minions may not accept all commands if they are thought to be too risky. Loyalty can be affected by consistent game play from the player. So if a player takes a long break, minions will obey only safe commands for a period of time.

Another benefit of minions would be that 3-5 players could put together a force that would look like an invading army.

If players establish a base or territory, minions can be left guarding the home or base and defend against invading players.

During the BBS days (pre internet) there was a game that allowed you to park a space ship at a home planet. If a player found you while you were logged off, they could kill you and take your stuff. Logging off and hoping you were intact on return was a lot of fun. Something like this could be introduced. Players could gain extra home minions for protection or more powerful ones.

Minions....not the movie, but a good idea?